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Data de início: 15-04-2018

Data de fim: 15-04-2019

Vagas: 1

Duração: 12 mes(es)

Data limite de candidatura: 08-03-2018

Financiamento: Aprovado

Subsídio mensal (Dinheiro de bolso): 60 €

Candidatura: Para te poderes candidatar tens de fazer o teu login. Se ainda não estás registado faz o teu registo primeiro.

Resumo: The specific targets of the project are:
- The attendance of 8 young people with fewer/inferior opportunities to a 12 months EVS intership, on the protection of the environment and promotion of ecological education
- The setting up of a EVS network of organizations (partner countries and countries of the programme), interested in promoting the ecological education, the network will provide the exchange of good practice in implementing the volunteering ecological education activities.
- Increasing the number of young people with fewer opportunities to 1000, they will receive ecological education during project implementation.
- Implementing green behaviour among the EVS volunteers, the volunteers and rural communities who benefit from the project.

8 volunteers will participate in the work/acivity of the project.
The main activities of the EVS intership will focus on promoting the environment and ecological education activities, which will be implemented by using various non-formal education methods.
The project results will be:
- Voluntary service for 8 young people, 12 months intership, on the protection of the environment and ecological education.
- My web page and the facebook project page.
- The media campaign on the protection of the environment and ecological education.
- Foto exhibition, accomplished by using „photo-voice’’ non-formal education method.
- Network of interested organisations on protecting the environment. Network made up of organisations from Europe and organisations from partner countries of the project.
On long term, the project will propose a collaboration between the youth from the organisations in Europe and from the partner countries in the area of environmental protection.

Perfil: - Young people between 18-30 years old
- Boys and girls in equal number
- Young people ready to spent 1 year volunteer in Romania.

Tarefas: - Preparing a study on involving young people from their own communities in solving environmental problems and specific voluntary activities about environmental protection and eco-education. A comparison will be made between the participation of young people in volunteer communities and the participation of young people in the project community.
- Participation of volunteers at the on arrival training session organized by the National Agency.
- Organizing the launching conference of the project's activities. The event will be held on 25 April 2018 and will also be a debate with young people and local authorities on environmental issues in Dragasani city and surrounding areas.
- Greening activities implemented in Dragasani and surrounding villages: Gantulei, Stefanesti, Lungesti, Dobrusa, Gusoeni and Sutesti.
- Organizing 12 ecological education workshops in 2 schools in Dragasani and 4 schools from rural areas: Lungesti, Gusoeni, Stefanesti and Sutesti.
- Organizing 3 seminars about environment protection in 3 high schools (1 high school in Dragasani and 2 high schools in rural areas: Maciuca and Ladesti).
- Organizing a media campaign titled "Green-Perfect opportunity." This media campaign will promote environmental education, protecting the environment and finding solutions to solve environmental problems.
- Participation in the mid-term evaluation session, organized by the National Agency.
-Realizing and managing a Facebook page of EVS activities.

Horário: The volunteers will work 6 hours / day from Monday to Friday. Their schedule will be organized
as follow: preparing the activity.
10.00-13.00: Activities in the national park
13.00-14.00: Lunch break.
14.00-16.00: Activities.

The volunteers will have 2 days off every month, will have days off according to Romanian legislation and will have holidays according to the university year 2018-2019

Condições: 1

Documentação: CV + Motivation Letter

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