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Data de início: 01-06-2017

Data de fim: 30-04-2018

Vagas: 1

Duração: 11 mes(es)

Data limite de candidatura: 19-05-2017

Financiamento: Aprovado

Subsídio mensal (Dinheiro de bolso): 65 €

Candidatura: Para te poderes candidatar tens de fazer o teu login. Se ainda não estás registado faz o teu registo primeiro.

Resumo: Do you feel like working with people?
Would you like to experience an unforgettable time at the Black Sea?
Then you are right with us
Here you can go to work with children:
In school to help them develop their language skills and to teach them about diffrent cultures and people, so they learn respect and toleranz.
In their freetime, to teach them social skills and show them that they have talents and oppurturnities in life.
You will leave a lasting impression and help to give children from socially weak families a future.

The city is perfect for EVS. You can to go the Beach in the summer and in the winter you have connections to the mountains in the middle of Bulgaria.
Through universities and the central location, has a great international community, which makes it easy to connect with diffrent people and to make friends for a livetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to us and experience an adventure that you will never forget.

Perfil: Age: 17-30

Tarefas: Work either in the artistic studio (here, above all, to learn and teach artistic techniques and to develop projects)
Work in a school (in this case mainly help with the learning of foreign languages, support of teachers and development of projects and playful learning possibilities)

Documentação: CV + Motivation Letter

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