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Data de início: 01-04-2018

Data de fim: 01-04-2019

Vagas: 1

Duração: 12 mes(es)

Data limite de candidatura: 03-03-2018

Financiamento: Aprovado

Subsídio mensal (Dinheiro de bolso): 85 €

Candidatura: Para te poderes candidatar tens de fazer o teu login. Se ainda não estás registado faz o teu registo primeiro.

Resumo: Volunteers will work with the local community in Department of External Communication of the City Library. We deal with tasks in the field of marketing, public relations, media relations, social media. We organize special events: escape rooms connected with literature , city games, exhibitions, summer library on the beach, music concerts, children's theatres and many, many more. Our department has young, creative people who want to work for the local community and develop culture in Gdynia. Working with us, you will have an opportunity to gain experience in the whole spectrum of marketing activities undertaken in a cultural institution.

Library is an institution, where volunteers can spend time and work with people of every age and different nationalities, who are coming there as guests. Library consists of 23 branches, which are situated in different districts of Gdynia, but volunteers will work mainly in one branch (which does not exclude activities and cooperation with other branches). The library also has the following departments: Collaboration and Promotion of Literature, External Communication, Administration, and others, which oversee the various levels of the functioning of the institution.

The aim of the library is to meet cultural needs of the society and to promote reading in various ways.

Perfil: Age: 18-30

• Creating a positive image of the library through PR activities;

• Creating content for the needs of Facebook and Instagram profiles;

• Administering the website;

• Organizing special events;

• Participation in conferences and industry meetings in Poland;

• Creating and distributing promotional materials (leaflets, gadget posters) of the library;

• Participation in press conferences, meetings with journalists;

• Cooperation with other cultural institutions in the city (museums, theaters);

• Creating visual materials (photos, videos and simple graphics).

• Distribution of promotional posters among the branches of the the Library;

• Preparation and assistance in coordinating the summer "Library on the Beach";

• Support for library bike and bookcrossing points in the city;

• Taking pictures and / or video materials for the Library.

Condições: 1

Documentação: CV + Motivation Letter + Application Form (ask ProAtlântico)

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