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Data de início: 05-04-2018

Data de fim: 10-12-2018

Vagas: 1

Duração: 8 mes(es)

Data limite de candidatura: 05-03-2018

Financiamento: Aprovado

Subsídio mensal (Dinheiro de bolso): 115 €

Candidatura: Para te poderes candidatar tens de fazer o teu login. Se ainda não estás registado faz o teu registo primeiro.

Resumo: La Bottega dei Mestieri (BDM) is an experimental project, initiated by CooperativeTantintenti, in partnership with Cooperative Domus Laetitiae that wants to offer employment opportunities to people with disabilities who cannot fit within the labor market (also protected) or in existing services .
BDM is structured on four distinctive features focused on the concept of the ancient craft shops in which a master artist conveyed to young people competence. These are:
 identifying a place where they can realize many small activities related to food production and micro-craftsmanship;
 production of welfare services for corporate members, as reuse and recovery:
 configuration of an employment context where they are valued and recognized certified skills and competencies of people with mental retardation, considered not suitable for work placement paths
 research of economic activities, that are able to support an economical planning

Perfil: The Volunteer is required to be involved in this kind of process, helping the customers of BdM (who are people with intellectual or motoric disabilities) in the way of learning work-related competences. The Volunteer will have an important and responsive role in helping these people within the predisposition of the conditions in which they will reach their autonomies, as a coworker of people who are learning an expertise.
It’s important that the Volunteer will develop understanding of the world of disability, recognizing
value, respect and trust in the social role of this kind of people. It’s necessary to create an atmosphere of trust where people should feel “safeguarded” and at the same time “integrated” in a professional and productive workplace.
It is required to be flexible with the schedule, open mind about cultural experience and the possibility of conduct many different activities in many locations. The Volunteer will also have good predisposition for intercultural staff of works, creative way of thinking and artistic works.
Age: 18-30

Tarefas: -promotion and support of actual activities, in second time conception and promotion of new activities, trying to be a Master Craftsman, developing new workshops;
-coaching and mentoring for people with disabilities;
-help people in the context of BdM or in other locations, where actuate activities and workshop;
-creating events;
-supporting operators, who are Educators, in their usual work in BdM;
-supporting work staff in Cittadellarte for what concern the work of Unidee, as programmed with the Tutor of BdM’ project

Condições: 1

Documentação: CV + Motivation Letter

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