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Data de início: 04-02-2018

Data de fim: 03-08-2018

Vagas: 1

Duração: 6 mes(es)

Data limite de candidatura: 18-01-2018

Financiamento: Aprovado

Subsídio mensal (Dinheiro de bolso): 105 €

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Resumo: The Youth Council of the Municipality is responsible for meeting the needs of young people in this town. More specifically, we take care of the needs of European youth programs, youth exchanges, European voluntary service, among other activities. Moreover, since the Youth Information Office, we dynamize to all young people and all the associations that develop activities related to this group. This office is part of the Eurodesk network since October 2009. Here we try to channel all the ideas, projects, associations and youth groups to see fulfilled their concerns. Our priority is to offer a global and transregional perspective.

To provide and offer a space for exchange and mutual interaction between young people from different backgrounds, where the driving force was the construction of a responsible European citizenship identity among young people participating in the volunteer program.

Perfil: Young volunteers communicative and participative, sensitized to the environment interested in getting to know other cultures and another language, with ability to work as a team,
responsible, creative and willing to carry out ideas and projects, always wanting to learn and teach. with ideals and healthy life

Age: 18-30

Tarefas: Activity 1: Knowledge of the Guadalquivir riverside. Specifically: geographical location, lithology, fauna, flora, mycology, agricultural uses and other uses.
This activity will take place both in open spaces (riverside), as in closed spaces, for example, library (where you can obtain documentation and information), Casa de la Juventud (where you can have a workspace equipped with computer equipment and internet connection), as well as through conversations with associations and collectives of an environmental nature (that can accompany them in field trips and transmit their knowledge).
This will be a continue activity, that the volunteers will develop throughout their SVE period. All partners involved in the project will have the same role, so that a collaborative work is developed, as a team. The work methodology will be a participatory methodology in which both the coordinator and the Volunteers will learn from each other, and a methodology based on research, with which volunteers will discover for themselves the characteristics of the environment.

Activity 2: Value of the Guadalquivir riverside on its way through Villa del Río.
This activity will require field and office work. Fieldwork will be based on data collection about the biodiversity of both flora and fauna; identification of species; vegetation management to favor access to people on the one hand, and the nesting of species and improvement of habitats, on the other; conducting outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, gymkhan sports and other events focused on youth and the general public. Regarding office work, this will be based fundamentally in the dump of field data to computer support, creation of informative brochures with the information collected, from way that the environmental, socio-economic values ​​as well as the effects of that wonderful space on the health of the people are transmitted to the citizenship.
This activity will be carried out once the volunteers know the territory and have acquired a level of competences linguistic skills that allow them to communicate adequately in Spanish.
For this activity, functions will be distributed according to the skills of each volunteer, so that each one will develop those functions with which they feel better or can develop in based on your experience or training. However, the rest of the volunteers will be supporting and collaborating at all times, so that they serve as learning of other skills or abilities that have not yet developed.

Activity 3: Exchange of environmental experiences.
With this activity, the volunteers would make a sharing of the experiences they have developed or know have been developed or are developing in their countries. In this way, all participating countries will have information that can be apply or transpose within their possibilities, in their territories, and in the same way, they can export good practices that are developing in Villa del Río to other countries.

Activity 4: Occupation of leisure and free time in nature.
In this activity all are included those actions that will be put in place to empower and involve the youth population of the locality, and even the Cordoba region of the Upper Guadalquivir, who will be invited to participate in them. As examples of some actions that will be carried out there are hiking activities along the riverbank, canoeing, fishing, gymkhana, coexistence activities, etc.
They will prepare and plan the activities at the office, in the meeting room especially for volunteers who our entity has habilitie, and will develop it at the riverside.

Activity 5: Acquisition of cultural, linguistic, conflict resolution and attention to cultural diversity competencies.
It is about the experiences that volunteers will experience on a daily basis: coexistence with local people and among themselves, shopping, trips, etc

Condições: 1

Documentação: CV + Motivation Letter

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