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Data de início: 28-08-2018

Data de fim: 01-07-2019

Vagas: 1

Duração: 10 mes(es)

Data limite de candidatura: 31-10-2017

Financiamento: Financiamento por aprovar

Subsídio mensal (Dinheiro de bolso): 140 €

Candidatura: Para te poderes candidatar tens de fazer o teu login. Se ainda não estás registado faz o teu registo primeiro.

Resumo: The project is situated in two closely connected institutions in the heart of city, are the project environment for the volunteer.
The firts one is the oldest preserved church in the centre. The second one, a German-Danish private school, is the oldest German school outside of Germany.
Both take initiative to modern church and school life, taking Danish and German culture in consideration. This makes an exciting and challenging surrounding and background for the engagement of the volunteer.

Perfil: Age: 17-30

Tarefas: The volunteer will work in the congregation and also in the orgaization, which is the afternoon activity center. In the church will the volunteer be likely to take special initiatives for young people and families and will among other things be involved in planning and celebrating services for children.

The volunteer will have some practical work in the community such as events and festivals. The volunteer will have the possibility of being involved in making PR-material for the community and to take initiatives concerning communication as a whole. He will also assist in the Church office in the administration. In the organization the volunteer will work with children, age 6 to 10.

Tasks include indoor and outdoor activities and the preparation of special events. In both institutions the volunteer will be part of teams and will work creatively in building up the community-life according to modern goals and perspectives. The volunteers will work 35 hours a week. If working hours are sheduled during weekends or evenings, the volunteer will have a weekday off now and then. Holidays are provided according to the rules of EVS

Condições: 1

Documentação: CV + Motivation Letter + Application Form

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